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Captivate and amaze your audience with promotional videos playing on top of the things around us including signs, posters, packaging, floors, walls and much more.


Welcome to Social AR

With a combined total of nearly 2 billion, the daily users of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are already having fun creating and sharing augmented reality experiences. Social AR takes this to the next level by using those platforms to create augmented reality effects for businesses. These eye-catching effects use a range of digital content including 3D models, 360videos/images, standard videos/images to wow your audience.

As Social AR uses the normal social applications that people will have on their phones, there’s no need to download any third-party application. This means that your augmented reality experiences can simply be viewed via the generic cameras of the latest iOS and Android smartphones with QRCode capabilities.


ARCODE is the heartbeat of Social AR and a way of attaching your digital content to items in the real world and start receiving analytics.

Because they can be printed, it gives you the flexibility to place and move them wherever you wish in the real world and have videos come alive before your clients eyes.

Bringing your Social AR experiences to life is as simple as scanning the ARCode using the generic cameras of the latest iOS and Android smartphones with QRCode capabilities.

Benefits of Social  AR!

    • Creates a buzz around your brand in a fun and captivating way.
    • Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram users are already having fun with AR.
    • The ability to use a variety of digital content including 3D models, 360 videos/images, standard videos/images to drive sales & improve retention.
    • No need to download yet another app or to spend money developing one.
    • It’s a simple and intuitive process using the generic cameras of the latest iOS and Android smartphones with QRCode capabilities.
    • ARCODE gives you flexibility to attach digital content to everyday things in the places and spaces where people go, and to receive detailed analytics.

Social AR Courses

We have teamed up with our good friends at Pixelcase to bring you these high end Social AR templates, tutorials and all the tools you need, including hosting, ARcode generation, stock footage and more, to get you up and running with your augmented reality experiences in no time.

Alternatively, if this something you prefer to outsource or are only going to need on an occasional, project by project basis, then you may benefit from our Social AR Creation Services, which includes the creation of both custom and bespoke Social AR experiences.     Click to get started for FREE!

Success Stories

When I needed something fast and creative I turned to Longstripe Creative. I was so impressed by the level of service, creativity, and responsiveness! Thank you for the great ideas and creativity!  The entire team is so great to work with that it made my projects an enjoyable experience and the results were amazing. 

Maribel Chacon-Torres

Real Estate Broker, Pearson Realty Group

The knowledge, skill, creativity & enthusiasm brought to my project made the entire process an absolute delight from start to finish. Thank you, Longstripe Creative! 

Katie Lee

Founder & Empowerment Coach, Sundali Wellness Coaching Co.

“I have been delighted to work with Longstripe Creative  who never cease to amaze me with their innovative and creative ideas.

The speed of delivery on any given task is second to none I have worked with before. I would be delighted to recommend Longstripe Creative to future clients.”

Giselle Bucknall

Director, TDA Interiors

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