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indoor analytics

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Imagine what it would mean to your business and the effectiveness of your campaigns if you could find out how many customers spend how much time at specific points, what are the busiest times at your venue and understand more about how users interact with it.
Understanding your venue and how visitors interact with it is a key differentiation for modern venue owners. This is not only a vital step forward for retail but is useful to all types of venues like airports, hospitals and even for industrial use. Creating business efficiencies and enhancing the user experience are how venue owners of the future will thrive.
Using Indoor Positioning and Proximity, indoo.rs analytics can unlock the full potential of your bricks and mortar location by providing you with unique insights into your customers’ in-store behaviour, how your venue is being used and the effectiveness of your campaigns by means of;
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Dwell times
  • Frequency
  • Directional analytics
  • Campaign conversion rates
  • Real-time customer view
  • Visual Analytics
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