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Indoor Navigation

Shopping centres, airports, exhibitions halls, office buildings and museums are just some venues where indoor navigation combined with location-triggered content is able to enhance the visitor experience.

Armed with a smartphone and using the app, visitors can locate themselves on the digital map of a new building and navigate a route to any desired Point of Interest (POI) as if they had been there a million times before.

The combination of audio guide technology, iBeacons and Points of Interest (POIs) in a building, makes it possible for the visually impaired to move through unfamiliar indoor environments more easily and independent of others.

  • Real-time Indoor Navigation

  • Improve visitor experience

  • Better facility management

  • Gain insights into consumers

  • Increase business intelligence

  • Visually Impaired Navigation with text to voice

  • Spatial awareness & Increased self-confidence

  • Independent navigation to POI

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