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Mobile Wallet Marketing

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If you are looking to gain a competitive edge, what would it mean to your business if:

  • By using digital passes you were able to reduce your carbon foot print?
  • There was way to interact and add value to your customer’s experience?
  • You could offer your customers a luxury brand experience at a fraction of the cost?
  • Your customers were always reachable and able to receive real-time information and updates?
  • Everywhere your customers went your brand went with them without the need to build an app?
  • You were able to enhance customer engagement, drive loyalty and increase brand awareness?

We offer a fully customised and branded managed mobile wallet solution compatible with both iOS and Android that is easy and quick to implement. Utilising the pre-installed versions of the physical wallet on your customers’ mobiles makes it easy to deliver real-time mobile wallet campaigns containing personalised, branded and relevant content via digital Loyalty Cards, Event Passes, Coupons, Membership Cards and more.

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